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I’m interested in getting my Real Estate License and I wanted to incorporate credit repair as well. I heard that many businesses that offer more than one service usually open up a main LLC company and then file a DBA “Doing Business As” another company while under the Main LLC company. For example, let’s say I open up a company called ” Credit Real Estate LLC” so brokers can write a check to my company name rather then writing it to directly to me. Now I want to offer credit repair services as well so I file a” DBA” under my main LLC company and I call it ” Credit Consult”. So now if I sell a house or do credit repair, checks from either services will be paid to Credit Real Estate as the head company. Is it possible to go this route, do you know of any establishment like this?


All you would need to do is to fill out an application for registration of Assumed corporate named under your main LLC. You will have one main LLC and assumed names and can have many. You don’t need to do a dba and can still receive the checks in the same company account if you like or have two accounts. You can actually send in the assumed name registration to your bank and they will allow checks to be accepted in that business name in that account. However, most get an second account. This means that the accounting is in one system but you create an income and expense record to measure how you are doing in that business. It can be done and people are successfully doing it.

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