Different types of credit inquiries

There are different types of inquiries and some are nothing to worry about. The following is an example of inquiries and what they mean.

You reviewed your credit: This is where you have have requested a copy of your credit report. This is a “soft” inquiry and does not negatively affect your credit. It is not seen by potential creditors. (Neutral)

Credit Bureau Review: This again, has no impact on your credit and simply means the bureau reviewed your file. (Neutral)

Creditor review: This is simply a standard review that is done by existing creditors. It also does not impact your credit. (Neutral)

Credit Request: This can be negative if you have too many. Inquiries remain in your profile for 2 years, so too many of this type can be negative and result in denials. (Negative)

Collection agency review: Very negative. If you have any inquiries from a collection agency who has begun collecting on an expired debt (expired under the statute for reporting, which is 7 years) then that does not qualify for a permissible purpose and should be removed. Inquiries from a collection agency are very negative.

IRS: Very negative. Inquiries from the IRS usually tell a potential lender that you are either being audited or have a tax lien pending.

Tenant Screening: This type of inquiry is O.K. It simply shows you are moving or did move and the landlord ran a credit check. (Neutral)