Fictitious Late Payments

It’s really important that you review the dates for late payments.

An account can no longer be late after is has been charged off.


FICTITIOUS late payments ARE rated by FICO scores, as documented by the score factors.

These Equifax FICTITIOUS lates rating are score killers – whether reported by the creditor or made up by Fair Isaac.


When creditors report an account with their updates as “charged off” (co), Fair Isaac’s FICO scoring software MISINTERPRETS these charge-off notations as LATE PAYMENTS. Many creditors report charge-offs as such every month and that’s why many FICO Experian reports have literally hundreds of late payments that did not happen.

Fair Isaac officials that these are not factored in as such.

HOWEVER, when you see the little RED late payments on the Experian credit score, these lates are actually reported by the furnishers and WILL lower your scores.

Trans Union: This is NOT a problem.

Equifax will usually NOT delete those lates as they are NOT reporting the lates. We recommend submitting the dispute to Equifax and then both Equifax


[account name, #] – please delete all charge-off notations after the account was charged off in [year]. The account was only charged off ONCE. FICO scores rate these notations as recent late payments and it seriously lowers my credit scores.

Unfortunately, Equifax usually ignores the disputes.

Fair Isaac is supposed to be updating their software, but we don’t know whether this will be fixed.

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