Unfair Circumstances

We just want to remind consultants that just because an issue revolving around your client is unfair, remember that it does not have weight with the credit bureau at all. It doesn’t matter if your ex-wife, estrange husband, family or anyone did whatever; they are not concern about your personal situation. Even if you have been a victim of a crime, it still does not matter.

You must be able to define and states your rights under the FCRA and why this information is not reported correctly to obtain results.

Additionally, there are still consultants using the credit bureau supplied dispute forms. Just know that they are covering themselves, not your client. Always send your own dispute letters and make sure you customize it if using credit repair software. We discovered that credit bureaus have copies of mostly all the dispute letters generated by these software and they must be customize for your client to obtain maximum results.

Otherwise, you may get a refusal to investigate letter.  It doesn’t matter if they are handwritten, of the language is exactly the same it will get noticed. They know all of our tactics; and only respond to the law. So don’t attempt to trick them; with these handwritten letters….your weapon is your rights.

What work best is those who understand their rights under the FCRA and their ability to provide customize work for optimum results. Never admit guilt and make them investigate by stating just your rights. It is just that simple.

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